What Is The Golden Rule?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

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What is it about our society that bothers us the most?

There are so many answers to that question, and depending on where in the world you live, the most immediate responses will differ greatly.

Some may name an ongoing war, others the poverty gap, or social inequality, the injustice of the legal system, or the restrictions of liberty and denial of human rights. Indeed, these are all issues in our world, pressing our leaders for solutions and ways to improve our present status.

The best answers may be simple yet challenging to implement at times. The golden rule, though, is not widely implemented, and not applied often enough in our daily lives. But, it may just be the key to unraveling the mess in which our society finds itself.


It’s the idea of treating people, as we would like people to treat us.An approach as simple as the golden rule, is not widely implemented, and not applied often enough in our daily lives.

This philosophy dates back thousands of years to the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. It has been taught around the globe, from Asia to the Middle East, and to what we now know as the western world.

We all appreciate the rule when we see it being followed. It is a beautiful thing - to witness - such occasions. In fact, it is contagious.When we see an act of kindness, we automatically wish to do the same for someone else.

We instinctively wish to be part of something greater than ourselves and to watch the expressions of joy, gratitude, and surprise in someone else's eyes. Receiving unexpected kindness from a friend is significant, but it’s even more powerful when it comes from someone one does not know; from a complete stranger.

The simple act of helping, be it in a small way or with great effort, brings joy and happiness not only to those receiving, but also those giving. Such deep pleasure and satisfaction can be experienced often and in so many ways. It can be experienced daily, and the more you experience this feeling, the more you want to have it present in your life.

Let's make our world a better place

One act of kindness at a time. Imagine this act being performed by billions of people daily. The more acts there are, moment by moment, day after day, by increasing numbers of people, the more we may begin to see our world transform in dramatic ways.

We may start to appreciate the splendors of our surroundings and the brilliancies hidden in our everyday lives. We might find that humility is not about thinking less of ourselves but lies in realizing that we are not at the center of it all.

We may learn that life is not full of rubbish, and that rubbish can be transformed into a means to make something better - just by applying the golden rule.

When you treat others - as you would like others to treat you, you might be able to rediscover yourself, transcend beyond your current self, and change the view of what others see in you now. The revelation and reassurance that what you are doing is good - will be noticed, but don’t do it for recognition, - do it because it’s essential to a life of pleasure and joy.

Treating others well, always thinking of the action and its repercussions before such action is performed - and brought into existence, will change our lives for the better.

By applying the golden rule to your life, you will automatically live more rewarding experiences, that’s right, more rewarding experiences - now, - and in the years to come. Ten years from now, you will have had the experience of ten years fully lived, and not one year of the same experiences, lived ten times.

Look around, and you’ll find an opportunity, and in the process, you’ll be creating joy and happiness for all those involved -and for yourself of course.

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