Are you currently in a relationship?

Do you want to be in one?

We all want someone to love and for someone to love us in return.

Being single is fun; it's freedom and it's convenient at times. Although having someone to care for and to share meaningful memories with, it's something very special... And it's important to cherish them in the proper way.

Being in a relationship provides us with so many pleasures and good feelings. The longer a relationship goes on, the more significant the ties and the greater the love that can flourish.

So, let's find out the secrets of what it takes to have a relationship that lasts.


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Relationships are not always easy.

Loving relationships needs caring, proper attention, and tenderness. For a relationship to last, our hearts must be willing to accept someone in, and for our minds to be committed to having only one partner and no other.

Relationships need a balance of love and logic. The balance between these two can at-times spawn certain emotions of tension within us and with our loved ones whenever these two are not in tune with one another.

Relationships are bound to have their ups and downs. When hard times come, the strong bonds you build is what holds a relationship together when they arrive.

For a relationship to last, it needs mutual support, loyalty, affection, and trust. It needs passion, harmony, and love.

And when it comes to love, love is a mysterious thing; the best way some of us can explain it to anyone is by saying that it is a marvelous sensation running through every part of our very being but that it can also be a scary feeling.

And this scary feeling can be put at ease by minimizing the doubt and uncertainty of our partners by getting to know them better.


Experts say that the most important thing between two loving partners is to have open lines of communication and be willing to understand and compromise when it's needed.

They also state a couple should dialog often, striving to understand each other’s different points of view and opinions and ways of expressing emotions.

It is also important for each partner to truly listen and not interrupt the train of thoughts of the other partner when the conversation is flowing, especially when it is of significant value.

Instead of interrupting, wait for the right moment to ask questions to find out more of what your partner truly means and desires to share with you in case you need some clarification.

When you listen, your focus is entirely on striving to understand your partner’s dilemmas, concerns, ideas, thoughts, feelings, doubts, and fears.


Do you want to know some of the most common mistakes to avoid with your significant other?

Whether we do them consciously or unconsciously, we all have been guilty of making some of these careless mistakes.

🔹Trying to impose our criteria, beliefs, and opinions on our partners; presuming that our points of view are better than theirs.

🔹Constantly bringing up our partner’s defects or imperfections. Every human being has several flaws, but that doesn’t mean we get to point them out and complain about them all the time or in an exaggerated way.

🔹Wanting our partners to be just how we want them to be, to behave and act according to the image in our eyes of how a significant other is supposed to be and behave.

🔹Showing little interest in our partner's views, beliefs, or preferences. Neglecting to acknowledge their thoughts and their desire to convey or contribute to the conversation is a bad habit to have.

🔹Agreeing when you don't truly agree may lead to a lack of trust by your partner, as they never really know whether your thoughts and opinions are genuine and honest.

The result of inadequate communication between partners can weaken a relationship, and this weakness, when not dealt with appropriately, could be a major contributing factor for a significant other to decide to go away.

One of the books we recommend on how to enjoy a relationship that lasts is “The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.”


Do you want to know some secrets about how to improve your communication with your partner?

🔹Be assertive. Assertiveness is a form of communication through which one seeks clarity and conciseness of description of what one truly believes, thinks, and feels.

Practicing assertiveness will help you express your needs in your relationship, and you will properly understand and fulfill the ones of your partner.

Doing this will also nurture your relationship by allowing you both to express freely and confidently your intimate wants, wishes, and desires.

🔹Practice expressing your joy, pleasure, and appreciation of them as often as possible. Compliment them on their gifts, endowments, and positive qualities.

🔹Give them genuine admiration about their personality, appearance, vocations, preferences, and passions.

🔹Be sincere in your actions. When “No” to a response is necessary or required, being able to say No, it's crucial to a long-lasting relationship.

Wherever a couple is unafraid and free to state their opinions and stance on a particular doing, action, or preference, it strengthens the bonds between you both.

Be tender in your response but be firm and stay true to your character.


Each relationship is unique, and even with good communication lines open and mutual respect, it doesn’t mean you will never have any relationship problems.

We all live in our own little world, and this world of ours when shared with someone we care for and trust, is a magnificent place to live when it’s in peace and harmony.


Long-lasting relationships require a lot of effort, patience, and understanding.

A loving couple that wishes to have a long-lasting relationship, needs to get to know one another truly well.

They need to have constant communication of what’s on their minds and souls and to always remember to nourish their love - daily.

The heart flutters, dances, and sings when he feels love, the mind wanders, pictures, and imagines beautiful and delightful moments when he is happy. Let them both stay that way, keep them both loving - your life - your partner - and the persons within you - time - and time again.


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