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How much do you know about becoming an entrepreneur?

Do you wish to become one?

Being an entrepreneur certainly has its advantages. We now have more self-starters and self-made individuals in the world than we have ever had before in human history.

So, let’s take a peek at what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.


Over the last few decades, more and more of us have started hearing more about the term of being an entrepreneur. It’s all in the news, on the radio and especially on the Internet.

Although, some of the first examples we usually come in contact with on today’s media are the videos and stories of some overly confident person, showing off how he or she is making millions after quickly becoming their own boss.

They show us how they are living a life of riches, spending time in some tropical island, driving Lambos - wearing Dolce & Gabanna and eating steak with fine wine while surrounded with beautiful people and luxurious sceneries.

They show us a lifestyle of nothing but fun and leisure; and of course, they usually offer their “exclusive” coaching services so they can show you the right path on how to become one of them.


The truth is, being an entrepreneur, owning your own business, and becoming successful, it’s much more complex than what they portray and they picture.

The life of an entrepreneur is less glamorous, and way deeper than that, at least at the beginning, and the beginning usually lasts for quite a while.

It takes considerable effort, a lot of time, plenty of help from several people and a strong will, drive and determination to make it to the top. You need to have purpose and have self-belief in what you are doing, in where you are going, in all that’s coming way, and in the person, you are becoming.

Most of us have been trained by an educational and social model that teaches us how to be, and perform as employees; to go to school, get a degree and then get a job in our respective fields of knowledge and practice.

The mindset and goals of the majority of the population are based on which company they want to apply for and go to work once they graduate from college.

That is the whole point of the current system. To have you get a paper that stipulates that now you are able and capable of sustaining a position and to be able to perform to expectation the duties of your relative field.

They forget to tell us, this particular paper, it doesn’t guarantee us success, fortune or fame.

To do that, if your wish is to be financially, emotionally and actually independent, it will take a different kind of learning. It will require you to constantly find ways of improving your craft, your knowledge, your skills and all of what it’s now known as Self-Development.


So why would we go to school and all sorts of higher learning for an objective that is lower than our fullest potential?

One of the reasons is that we have been taught by our society and culture, that taking the safer path is the best route. Some people would actually argue and present their case as such:

Why would anyone take unnecessary chances at failing when one could feel safer by having a steady and reliable income when working for someone else?

Besides, getting experience in any kind of job is always useful and important. Well, that last part could be extremely useful and helpful, if that was part of the plan and of the original goal from the very start; only as a goal, not as a final destination.

If you happen to be one of the few lucky ones to think this way, you must have had that idea already placed in your mind, whether taught by a parent, a friend or gathered somewhere along the way, it is an idea rarely taught by the larger percentage of people.

The reality is, that in most cases, even if that was the idea at the start, most students, once they start working, and join the marketplace, they become part of the go-work-for-someone- and-make-some-money-system.

And in doing so, they usually do and end up doing the-go-to-work-for-someone-else, for the rest of their lives.


While this is the safer route, we can now see, it may not be the best path for us to take. We all have heard of many people that actually hate their jobs.

They feel unfulfilled and unappreciated; they have a sense of being inadequately compensated for their time and effort; but they still go to work because they need the money; they have bills to pay and responsibilities to take care of and the million other reasons why they never end up fulfilling their initial dreams, provided they had any other, than getting a good job.

In the event you are one of the lucky ones, and you happen to enjoy what you do for a living, the place where you work and the people you work for and with; the fact of the matter is, you are still working for someone else and you aren’t fully free.

Free to decide how to distribute your efforts, free to choose how to employ your time, freedom of whom you decide to have liaisons with, or of how to implement your strategies, ideas, intuition for maximum personal profit, basically, how to control your working environment, your life and your destiny.

There are many ways of “becoming your own boss,” and if you are not happy doing what you are currently doing, that probably means you are either in the wrong profession, vocation or possibly you are entirely on the wrong path.

And there’s a considerable high percentage chance that this path happens to be where someone, that is not you, is in charge of your trajectory and wellbeing.


What do you mean by wellbeing?

It’s simple, if someone holds the button to whether you can go to work tomorrow or not, then, someone else is in charge of your wellbeing.

The income you rely on, the work you perform, the people that count on you, the flow of money into your accounts, your life as of now, as you know it to be.

Yes, being in that situation is not fun, and you need to find a better way of living a.s.a.p., but that doesn’t mean you are going to quit your job just like that, right this very moment, right here on the spot.


If starting your own business is something that you really want, there are several things to take into consideration before you quit your current job.

1- Do some extended research to see if what you are thinking of doing is actually profitable.

2- Create a realistic business plan with timelines and milestones.

3- Check your finances to see if you can fund your goals as well as having enough savings so as not to let the lack of food in your home stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

4- Answer truthfully to yourself, if what you are thinking of doing, is something you can do for decades to come?

5- Are you willing to give all your energy and time to building your new path in order to change your current life for a better future, but some uncertainty still remains?

6- Are you willing to sacrifice days, weekends, holidays with the family and friends and an innumerable number of things so you can achieve your desired goals and aspirations?

7- Are you willing to go through mountains of anguish, frustration, disappointments and failures in order to reach the valley of success?

8- Do you see yourself accountable for anything and everything that can or could happen to your business or company entity, even if it wasn’t your fault?

9- Do you have enough reasons, to pull you through the tough times, so you can undertake your entrepreneurship voyage?

10- Are you prepared, as an entrepreneur and as person, to continually be learning, implementing, employing and reinventing your ways in order to maintain, sustain and proceed with the advancement of time, of technology, of society and of the new generations as a whole?

If your answers are yes, congratulations, what are you waiting for?

If your answers are mixed, are you working on the ones that are lacking a positive response already or are you going to work on them right away?

Are you already working on the ones that you need to find solutions for, so you can get going? If you are, good, keep going!

If most of your answers are no, then perhaps entrepreneurship is not the right thing for you…But that does not mean you cannot change your thoughts, change your mind.

We hope you now understand what it will take to become your own boss, thus giving yourself a chance to change your present and future professional working environment.

And in turn, give yourself a chance to change your life, to change your work status, and to change your personal environment.


What are the benefits of creating a successful business of your own?

1- Flexibility. You make your own schedule, you can work from home, or a set location, or while traveling the field or wherever you want!

2- You will make your own rules and have the creative, directional and final decisions about your business/company.

3- You will get to choose to work on something you are passionate about.

4- You will have the satisfaction having created your own company and to be the one in full control of your brand and image from the very start.

5- Having the possibility and higher chance of total financial independence and earlier retirement, provided that is what you desire, within your reach.

6- You will be increasingly learning on how to efficiently overcome newer and bigger challenges. You will also learn how to constantly continue learning from your mistakes, thus improving the future outcome of what you do next, based on those experiences.

7- You will have direct influence with your contacts and with your customers and clients.

8- You will be able to afford paying the higher fees associated with learning new skills, methods and guidelines from the very best individuals the world has to offer, regarding your professional and personal interests, and rewarding desires.

9- You will have a greater chance to contribute to an increased number of lives in the ways you can only help when you have the proper means to assist and reach out.

10- Your workmates, your colleagues, your friends, your family and you yourself will benefit from all the pleasures, advantages, options and choices that will be available from your decision of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

With substantial effort, perseverance and a touch of luck, becoming a successful entrepreneur will bring you riches and the attributes to a more fulfilling and happier life.

These are just some examples of the benefits, but there are way too many to list in these short paragraphs. Also to be noted, just because you take the first step towards becoming your own boss, this doesn’t mean that your company will grow like crazy from day one, but it could, and we definitely wish that for you and couldn’t be happier for you.

Hence the reality and the chances are, it will take some time until you can start generating some steady income and be able to hire more and more employees.

What you will most likely see, provided you did your homework prior to venturing on your own, is that as time passes by, and you gain more experience with your business, you will simply get better at becoming better and at what it means to be an entrepreneur.


Your new business idea, or ideas, does not need to be something too elaborated. If you want to start going right now, go ahead and get some sort of experience by doing some freelancing on your free time.

Start learning the extra knowledge and skills you need from all the available social media platforms. The choice you are now making or about to make, does require the extra effort from your part.

YouTube is great for tips and guidelines to anyone that is looking for solutions, inspirations and motivation. Learn how to generate passive income and how to keep a certain percentage.

Learn how to invest and reinvest the rest of your earnings so your money keeps on working for you and constantly multiplying.

There are many resources, books, podcasts and helpful guides regarding the most profitable niches of today, search for them, make good use of social media for that purpose.

So, if you are ready to learn and spend time researching, and there is so much learn once you start searching, you will automatically set yourself on a platform of success. While being curious, seek some guidance from experienced entrepreneurs.

Take advantage of their free advice, it’s something that used to cost thousands of dollars, and a trip to somewhere far from you, not too long ago.

The most important thing here is: You shouldn’t settle for something that isn’t making you happy. If you always had a dream of some venture you wanted to try but haven’t, then give it go.

Start working on that something you’ve been wanting to work on but never had the courage to do it. It is never too late to take those first steps, and the sooner you do it, the sooner you will find yourself at the place where you have for so long wanted to go.


Forget about what some of the people will say. They may not even know what they’re talking about, or at least, they may not even know what you now know.

For if they did, what they would actually do is, instead of holding you back, they would ask you questions, the ones you read here some moments ago, to make sure you are ready, and then, they wish you well and support you on your endeavor.


Success is never 100% guaranteed, but having a solid plan before embarking on your new adventure, will definitely increase the chances in your favor.

Remember, the missing ingredient that will make all the difference - is found inside you. It has always been there. It has always been in the one place where you have full control and access. Access to change your destiny, control of your life’s purpose and guidance to doing what you love.

Good luck.


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