How Patience and The Ability to Balance Our Temper Can Improve Our Character

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

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Have you ever been in a situation where you were deeply involved in doing something and then somebody wanted your attention right there and then?

You’re pulled between wanting to continue with what you’re doing and attending the person requesting your time, taking you away from what you were so diligently doing. You try to quickly attend to their needs so you can go back to your task yet this person persists and keeps on prodding you about whatever it is they need or want.

How do you react? Do you snap, frustrated that your focus was broken, or do you smile and ask: how can I help?


Patience has to do with our willingness, consciousness and ability to hold our temper and to especially persevere in maintaining it during challenging situations. Frequent moments arise all the time when your patience is put to the test. Perhaps recently you were waiting for an important phone call regarding a very important issue that needed to be resolved.

The waiting felt like torture, but still you endured and quietly waited until it was all resolved. A simple and very common one is when you’re in a traffic on the way home from work, and people in front of you just won’t move because they’re texting, making a big gap between them and the other cars ahead, slowing things down ever more

– How do you react? Do you fall into the grips of road rage or are you patient? Do you balance your response in a healthy manner, or do you find yourself balling your fists, striking the wheel or cussing under your breath? All of which do not help the situation or remedy the problem, it’s out of our control and making that distinction is part of being wise.


When it comes to patience, having the ability to control your response and not act out of anger shows a strong sense of self-discipline.

Whether it comes from a learned methodology, maturity, or a shift in your perspective; patience is, as they say, a virtue. The choices we make in our day-to-day lives are balanced by the decisions we’ve made at each and every turn of our inconveniences throughout our past.

Patience is a skill, and it’s learned and improved over time. Put two people in a similar circumstance and they can react completely different from one another. One has been practicing patience, while the other one - may be not so much.

If you find your patience is short and your temper is flaring more than you’d like, there are ways to help alleviate your stress to build more balance in your life. Here are three things you can do to help enhance your patience levels.


  • Change your perspective of the situation you’re in. Rather than seeing it as a terrible or frustrating circumstance, reframe the process as a challenge you can learn from instead. By simply changing how you perceive the moment, you can change how you react and the actions you take once you’ve become aware of the circumstances.


  • Try taking a few slow, deep breaths to stop you from reacting immediately. All you need is five to ten seconds, we know it sound like a lot to ask, though as you practice this exercise more and more often the easier it becomes to execute.

  • Put time and space between you the moment that’s tipping you toward a flared temper and allow yourself to become aware and to then consciously act in a proactive manner. Again, It’s no easy task, though the benefits of doing this simple routine when the occasion arises, weighs tons in the long and the short run.

  • If it’s a situation that doesn’t require an immediate response, take a walk, call a friend, jot down your feelings, play some soothing music, just remove yourself from the moment.

  • This will again put time between you and the situation while you gather your thoughts and you process the situation in a more present manner providing multiple solutions and greater opportunities to choose the best outcome for you and everyone involved.


When it comes to patience, we all have a point where we might feel ourselves slipping toward a reaction of anger, frustration or other negative emotions.

Learning how to lower your heightened sensitivity in those moments can stop bad emotions from turning into negative actions that at a later time you might look back and regret. Patience will help you avoid those moments.

Think before acting and/or reacting. Have consciousness present in what you say and in what you do and you will live a more balance life, full of peace, as a result, of a greater character.


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