How To Let Go of a Dissatisfying Relationship - The Road to Peace and Freedom

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

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Is your significant other no longer demonstrating that they really care about you, or they don’t share with you the same enthusiasm they once did?

Do you cry more than you laugh, you feel emotionally and physically drained, and you have lost your passion for your partner?

A partner should never be unconcerned or uncaring towards you and your priorities. They should do their best to find the time and space to be emotionally and physically available for you. They should be genuinely excited and appreciative of your actions. 

A relationship is a mutual understanding that two people share with one another. The people who love you should love you for who you are, and you shouldn’t have to second-guess their affection, love, or respect.

Being happy is not the same as experiencing pleasant moments while being with someone else.

Affirming relationships help you achieve higher grounds, catapult you to distances that you did not know you could reach, and they should support you in times of need; providing you with different perspectives and points of view, to give more balance to your daily and long term decisions and routines.

They should guide you whenever it benefits your purpose, your ambitions and wellbeing.

You don’t have to stop wanting joy, peace, love, and affection. You simply have to learn how to detach from the ones that do not bring those feelings and emotions to you. 

Do not reject the happiness that is within your reach just because someone else does not see it that way, or worse, because someone else does not want it or wish it for you.

When a relationship has turned from a happy one to an unhappy one, there is nothing to gain from endlessly trying to patch things up.

When a relationship has run its course, it is best to let go as soon as possible as it may only hinder your studies, career, personal growth and progress.

A dissatisfying relationship increases your levels of stress, decreases your ability to focus and lowers your levels of patience. You need all these attributes to excel in life and in your professional settings .

Wouldn’t you rather give your time and energy to a relationship that really matters? Give your love to someone that loves you in return and makes you happy?

If you have become more and more resentful each day of your partner, and this pattern persists, even though you’ve tried to fix it; it is a clear indication that moving on may just be the way to go.  


When a relationship has turned from a happy one to an unhappy one, there is nothing to gain from endlessly trying to patch things up, begging for love and attention.

 When you feel ignored, and your partner constantly forgets to do those things that really matter to you, it is a giant red flag waving in the air you need to acknowledge and take proper action.

 If the positive emotions you used to have about a significant other, have begun to vanish, then the longer you stay in your present relationship, the more your relationship may lead to some emotional damage.  

Here are some signs that will help you decide if the relationship you’re in is one that you need to let go:  

One- Your thoughts go to memories more than you live in the present day because your present situation causes you deep pain whenever you stop to think and see how things are going for you right now.   

Two- You have become more and more resentful each day, and this pattern persists, even though you’ve tried to fix it.  

Three- You feel alone, ignored and disrespected; and you also feel your relationship is holding you back from growing and from being who you really want to be, but you keep on believing things will get better.   

Four- You cry more than you laugh, you feel emotionally and physically drained and you have lost your passion and excitement for your partner.


Accept the world as it is, instead of how you would like it to be. Admit to yourself that you have to stop dreaming about how things could, or should be for you, and begin to take charge of your own destiny.

Avoid staying in situations that no longer serves you; especially whenever there’s been infidelity, or your significant other has become a possessive partner.

Remind yourself that whenever someone is being possessive, that you are not someone anyone can own.

A relationship is a mutual understanding that two people share with one another; and if any one of the two does not provide loyalty, respect and honor for the other, then that’s not the kind of partner you want to stick around with.  

Trying to ignore your negative emotions will only extend your suffering.

Let’s try a different kind of discomfort instead. Letting go might bring about some heartache and sadness. It’s okay to allow yourself to hurt and be sad.

Allow yourself to feel those negative emotions that will surely come. Let yourself feel them, acknowledge them, go through the process so you can move forward, and watch how much happier you will become soon after you do. 

Sometimes people stay in relationships that don’t fulfill their needs because of the negative views society and family have about them being single; this is especially the case when there are kids involved.

Many people will tell you that you shouldn’t do it. It’s up to you to choose what’s best for you, and when there are children involved, what’s best for your children, too.

We understand there are times when fear holds us back from doing many things we know we should be doing. It is possible that the fear of uncertainty may be stopping you from acting and choosing what you already know is best for you. 

Do not let fear rule your life, stopping you from taking action, when you do, you will rarely ever achieve your goals and desires in life.  A book by Peter Hollins, “Mind Over Matter,” He goes into great detail about how to properly address this principle and we highly recommend it.

They say we are just one decision away from changing paths and thus changing destinations in our lives. This might just be one of those occasions for you right now, take a leap of faith and choose a different path for your life. 

Understand that sometimes we all need to make some hard decisions. Why? Because if we don’t, no one else is gonna to do them for us; and you, and your little- itty -bitty heart, need all the protection that only you can provide to yourself.  


 Try not to save a relationship just because of the time you have invested into it, or because you want to see some positive results from all that time and effort you have invested trying to make things work out.

Time is not the balance that properly weights if you are in a fulfilling relationship or not, love is.

You gotta take action if you want action done. What you do or don’t do will be the final outcome.

Choose to let go, and by letting go we do not mean-get rid of. 

You’ve gotta let go of whatever it is that is lingering around there and appreciate it for what it was and then just let it be and say good bye.

Whatever you’re still holding on to, it is no longer serving its original purpose, which was to bring you love, passion, and happiness.

Regardless of what it is, when you’re in pain, you have to let go of the very thing that is causing the pain, even if it feels impossible at the time, even if it feels like it’s going to crush your heart to pieces; leave it, and finally live your life in peace.

Do not live your life in chains when you hold the keys to set yourself free. Open up your mind and believe in yourself. Free yourself from being controlled by what other people think or say.

It is okay to be scared, but not

to let it rule your life. Holding on to memories while in pain doesn’t benefit or fix anything. Replaying the past over and over again, doesn’t change it in any way; and wishing things were different does not make it so.

We can only guide you and show you the door, but only you can let yourself in.

Do not give in to contacting your toxic ex-partner for any reason whatsoever once you have made the decision.

Find comfort in a close friend or a family member, and spend time being entertained with joyful activities and fun leisure that will help you move on to happier days much faster and with greater ease.

Don’t be afraid, you’ve got this, move on and enjoy all the positive changes that are coming your way, and start to live your life, the way you deserve to live it; full of love, joy, peace and happiness.


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