Updated: Oct 23, 2020

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Have you been noticing how choosing to live a healthier life is becoming more expensive each year?

Conventional foods have taken over our markets, but at what cost to our health and well-being?

The new era has given rise to wonderful improvements in science, medicine, transportation and communication.The way things are made, produced, collected, harvested, stored, and grown have all changed since that time.


Everything we want, and need, is available throughout the year. But, as a population, becoming more and more dependent on this easy way of living has, in turn, exchanged our control over the quality of food we eat for the availability of higher quantities and lower pricing.

The demand for more and more has led us on to a path that has brought undesirable side effects to our health.

The artificially modified fruits and vegetables sold in our markets are lacking their natural color, taste, texture, and nutritional qualities.

Artificially sweetened drinks are not better than ones sweetened with sugar. Sugar may not be something we want in our diets, but making things sweet with artificial flavoring is more detrimental to our health as it pumps unwanted toxins directly into our bodies.


When you’re healthy, you improve your moments lived, how you interact with the outside world and the way you feel inside.

You have more energy; your skin looks healthier, there’s an increased shine and texture to your hair and radiance in your eyes.

When you are healthy, you feel like you can accomplish more out of each day, coping with challenges with more ease than when you are not feeling your best, or going through an illness, a discomfort or pain.

By the way, where these calories come from also makes a difference; a hamburger does not have the same nutritional value as a healthy, protein-rich meal.

Your body is your temple, treat it that way; you don’t get a second one.


Lowering your daily sugar intake, avoid MSGs and gluten-rich ingredients in your food. Switch to organic choices and exercise for at least twenty minutes regularly will improve your health considerably.

Whenever your days are packed with deadlines and responsibilities, schedule the time to do the activities that maintain your body in good shape.

Stretch in the mornings before you go about your day, drink more water, and sleep for enough hours to feel rejuvenated.


Each day, you have an opportunity for growth. Find the time to unravel from your complex day and disconnect from a world full of inconveniences and chaos to pay more attention to yourself, to your body and your mind. Take care of your health by increasing your level of awareness,

Explore new hobbies and vocations that bring delight and pleasurable moments to your way of life, in so many ways.

A life of improper health cannot be exchanged for any wealth, power, or any material achievements accumulated throughout the way. Take care of your body now so you can have a better future tomorrow.

You will be happy you did, and so will your loved ones.


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