How Important is Effective SEO Content For Your Business?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the essential elements within an marketing strategy for any business, free lancer and entrepreneur. It is the continuous work of optimizing a website through keywords and various techniques to stimulate natural searches on various online search platforms including YouTube, Yahoo and Google.

SEO can happen OnSite via the content, the arrangement of titles and other more technical points of optimization directly on the site or made OffSite which focuses on link building.

SEO comes with many benefits, which include:

A. Delivering a continuous flow of targeted traffic

Do you know how many searches are done on Google every month? Over 3 billion requests are made per day on Google. SEO can therefore help you tap into this gigantic source of free and targeted traffic!

Free, yes, because you do not have to pay for this kind of traffic that is already available directly, as people do when using channels of paid advertisements like Google Adwords.

B. SEO gives you a new exposure to Internet users looking for a solution

One of the main reasons that people use the Internet and especially search engines like Google is to find an instant answer to an immediate question. When they search, people click on the different types of links and 70% can be links from organic searches via search engines.

C. SEO helps you grow your business

The internet is a very large platform and for some, it is a means of survival! The SEO plays a major role in getting a respectable online presence, enabling the company/individual to increase its visibility and branding.

Obviously, without this visibility, your consumers will never be able to find you. With SEO, if you optimize it the right way, it will ensure you a better business growth potential.

For businesses, it is indispensable to have a presence in the digital world. Generally, it is said that the positioning in the search engines is an excellent option to attract traffic to your web page.

Search engine positioning, is a very powerful tactic that will make your business grow, achieving a higher level of profitability and success. For this reason, it’s quite important that you know how much this strategy can offer you.

These include:

1. New customers and growth

One of the main goals for having a web page is to create and increase customer traffic, and therefore realizing higher sales. It is a fact that companies looking to have a place on the web target the market twice and as an established fact, the one who hits first hits twice.

SEO positioning will help give you a place on the web. Google, for example, is a favorite, and day by day, SEO is working for companies to be placed atop based on user experiences, the more updated and optimized your web page is, the better positioning will have.

2. Reaching new markets

The immediacy of the web helps to attract new markets, and in a faster way, a campaign done to perfection will help to explore new horizons.

It is possible that by applying a good SEO strategy, you would realize that there are new markets to target and pursuit. As a result, it’s best you put SEO into use today.

3. Improvement of conversion ratios

The conversion ratio is a metric that helps anyone measure the percentage of visitors, readers or customers that take action accordingly.

If someone subscribes to your blog, makes a reservation or makes a purchase, then it is a good sign that the SEO for that company/business/individual is working since the audience is providing what you are looking for and vice-versa.


SEO should never be treated as a second option in the marketing and promotion of your business; it is paramount to a business’ success in today’s digital driven world.

SEO brings immense profit. Give this section of your marketing strategy the much needed attention to help you in optimizing the success of your business, bringing more web search hits and making your site more valuable to Google.

Making the proper optimizations to a website/channel/social media platform account, has become a competitive differential of great importance for any business/Individual/Entrepreneur. In order to achieve maximum success, the place of SEO and link building cannot be overemphasized.

The better optimized your business is, the fewer competitors you will have. Consequently, more conversions will be experienced, your website will be better viewed, it will have a more user-focused architecture, its content will be of greater quality, and it would finally act as a reference hub!


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